Most Important Meal Of The Day


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What is the most important meal of the day? Is it Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner? In general, all of us have about 3-4 meals a day. Including Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner. To understand which meal is the most important. We must first understand their basic role and their importance in our day to day life, also not forgetting the science behind them and what their nutritious value should be.

So, without further delay, let’s begin,


1. Breakfast 

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So, before diving into other topics we must understand the first meal of the day, Breakfast. As the name suggests, breakfast is the first meal that you have, not the meal you have in the morning but the first meal of the day regardless of the time you’re taking it on. So obviously, your breakfast needs to be nutritious and filled with protein and carbohydrates as you have just woken up in a depleted state. Carbohydrates are important as they are responsible for the energy you’ll be needing throughout the day. However, you need to keep it as low fat as possible because fat is proven to slow you and make you feel sluggish. Taking all the nutritious value and its objective in hand breakfast certainly is one of the most important meal of the day.


2. Pre-workout Meal/Lunch

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Pre-workout meals are especially important if you work out and want to have an intense and effective session. To maximize your potential in the gym, a proper and balanced pre-workout needs to have high carbohydrates especially those carbohydrates that are fast digesting. But you need to make sure that you don’t get full, and drink plenty of water as it helps you to maintain flexibility and also prevents you from getting dehydrated.


3. Post-workout Meal/Lunch

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Post-workout meal is the meal consumed right after a tough workout session. Post-workout meals in general need to be very nutritious and filled with protein and carbohydrates. Protein is essential especially to repair and grow the muscle tears and breakdown that occurs during the workout and, Carbohydrates are important to replenish the energy that was depleted during the session. To grow and increase your muscle, post-workout meals are especially necessary.


4. Dinner

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Dinner is the meal that is usually taken last before you sleep. A proper and well-balanced dinner must be nutritious but also should be high in protein and low in carbohydrates. High in protein because it helps to grow your muscle throughout the night and must be low in carbohydrates because the energy produced by the carbohydrates is not used and is converted into glycogen which is a risk you wouldn’t want to take if you want a lean body. Now remember one thing that if you have to choose between your post-workout meal or your dinner always choose your post-workout meal as it is one of the most nutritious and important meal of the day that can directly contribute to your progress at the gym.

 Although, all meals are important and each meal have their own significance. The most important meal of the day would have to be both Breakfast and your Post-workout. Not only because they are highly nutritious and are rich in protein and carbohydrates. But also, because they will directly help you to grow both your strength and muscle size. As protein helps you to increase your muscle size and your muscle strength after the muscle breakdown which takes place in the gym during an intense workout session, and the carbohydrates will make sure you get enough energy to perform at your peak and don’t slug out. So, no matter what you shouldn’t miss them even though you’re fasting, on a diet, or have a very busy lifestyle.


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