Is sugar making you fat?


One of the easiest advice we often receive when trying to lose weight is to stop consuming sugar or sugary food. It seems like sugar is the root of the world’s fat problems. However, it may not be true.


Let’s talk about sugar. Sugar is nothing but simple form of carbohydrates, that means it is further broken down into glucose in our body, just like any form of carbs be it rice, noodles, pasta or fruits. Simply speaking, sugar doesn’t deserve all the hate that it receives. Although one can and should be careful about the amount of sugar they consume, sugar may be far from the culprit when it comes to excess bodyfat.

A statistical research done in people in the states after 2000s show that regardless of decrease in consumption of sugar, the obesity rate still increased.

So how do we fight the fat?

It’s usually with the help of our lifestyle and not just one component of it. Our daily physical activity, eating patterns as well as sleep contributes to our body composition and if our goal is to lose fat and maintain a lean physique, we should be focusing on all of it combined.


To sum it all up, eliminating sugar may not be the answer however it is advised to keep it under control because it’s overconsumption may lead to subjects craving for food more and they are usually just extra calories that our body doesn’t eat.

Consumption in moderation is the key!