Is your salad making you Fat?


When it comes to a weight loss diet, salad can be the number one weapon for most people. The way salads are glorified in movies and media when it comes to losing fat, most people believe that salads are the secret weapon for people who are able to maintain a fit body.


I’m not here to tell you that salads are bad… Or is it?

Just like different types of the same brand of a car, your salad can be different as well and that determines how much you pay for it, in this case by calories. Not all calories are same and definitely not all salads are similar. It really depends on the content present in the salad.

If your goals is to lose fat, your salad should consist of basics: a base of veggies, boiled or steamed or even raw, a protein source, lean meat, egg whites or low amount of beans and a light dressing, for some it can be only lemon juice and some spices.

When you start grilling the veggies in oil, add multiple sources of fried or grilled protein sources, additional varieties of beans (more than one) and heavy dressing, it becomes a fat gaining tool instead.


So you gotta be careful when ordering that salad next time. You can ask the chef to customize it according to your needs because salads can range from 250 calories to 1200 plus calories depending on what it’s made of.


Oh and one more thing, always ask to have the dressing on the side, that way you can only use what you need and not consume all the calories that’s given to you.

Enjoy your salad!