The basics of Losing fat made simple



Losing fat is one of those things that are very simple when comes to the process however, many people try to complicate it in search for a secret.

Yes, it does take effort to lose fat and get that lean body. But it is not complicated.

When we are talking about fat loss, be it belly fat or chubby cheeks, the process can be divided into 3 simple parts.

And trust me when I say this, if you follow these advice, you WILL lose fat. Just give it some time and be patience.



See, exercise is crucial for your success when it comes to losing fat. It is important just to even maintain your health. However, it doesn't need to be much.

3-5 days of workout, be it at home using your bodyweight or going to the gym spending not more than 45-60 mins is all you need.

You can do an additional cardio workout, no more than 30 mins each day while starting out and slowly building the routine as you start seeing progress.

Trust me, this is more than enough to produce great results.

Anybody who tells you that you need to workout 2-3 hours each day, 7 days a week, doesn't know what they are talking about.

Of course you will lose weight if you start exercising for hours everyday, but what if you can produce the exact same results with lesser time?

Why not be smart about it?



​​​​​​​Contrary to what you might have known about sleep, it is actually very crucial in your journey to losing fat. Most people assume that sleeping actually makes you fat however that's just a myth. Think of it this way. The fat stored in your body is actually a reserve of fuel for your body incase things aren't good. It's like a backup plan that your body might need when other things and processes aren't in place.

So how do you convince your body that everything is fine?

By actually making sure, everything is running smoothly. And sleep is a very important resource for your body. So with enough sleep, your body let's go of it's 'backup plan' that is the extra fat.

A minimum of 7-8 hours is an absolute must every night when it comes to sleeping, however more is recommended. Make sure your sleep quality is great too and you actually get deep sleep. For this, avoid caffeine after noon and it's better to not use cellphones at least an hour before sleeping.



​​​​​​​Now this is quite a bit tricky. People get confused with all the information floating around. There are also many myths that surround nutrition.

Let me make it simple for you.

Forget everything you know about nutrition. Let's not classify our food as 'Good' or 'Bad'.

The better way to look at food would be in terms of macronutrients: Protein, carbs and fats.

Do a quick google search to know about them. The general rule of thumb would be to consume 3-4 meals everyday with each meal consisting mainly of Protein. This is because Protein are very dense and satiating. It helps keep you full and this is especially important because most people give up on their fat loss journey because their diet keeps them hungry.

You can also take a diet break with one cheat meal per week. This will help you stay motivated and diet better.


Hope this helps. Losing fat isn't complicated. It's just that most people complicate things unnecessarily.